(sad) rabbits

Tuesday, 2 May 2006

rabbits 01
There is a large park in our Seattle neighborhood called Woodland Park. It has a zoo… but in the regular park section, rabbits are living in the "wild."

But they aren't actually wild animals; rather, they are abandoned pets and their descendants. This was going to be my urban safari part 3, but after reading up on this issue, I'm too sad to make light of it.

People are abandoning domestic rabbits to the "wild." Once there, the animals are ill-equipped to survive. Earlier this year, volunteers started rounding up animals to take them to the Rabbit Meadows Sanctuary. Eight days later, they were forced to stop the round-up. Too many animals were already pregnant; but, even more importantly, the temporary housing for the rabbits at Magnuson Park failed. As the Seattle Times reported, "Part of the building where rabbits have been held for medical care has been rented to the Drug Enforcement Administration. Gun noise from the agency's training practices is scaring the rabbits and unnerving volunteers." The Parks department apparently is angry with the volunteer organization for releasing this latter information to the news.

A not-so-funny bunny life: Some humans adopt you for Easter. After the Easter fun has faded and they realize you need loving (and time-consuming) care, these humans abandon you in a park. Dogs and other predators chase you and you almost get hit by a car. Finally, you're rounded up by loving humans. They are taking care of you when other humans start shooting guns next door.

More about the Woodland Park rabbits in the news.

These photos were taken April 1, one month after the roundup began.

rabbits 05 rabbits 02 rabbits 03 rabbits 04