Sunday, 9 April 2006

Divertissements, distractions or fun things. Here are some links:

1. Where the Hell is Matt? This guy traveled around the world and made video of himself dancing in each place. To add to the humor, he's not even a good dancer! Brave soul.

2. Word project. There are no words to describe it.

3. Make your own snowflakes. Here are a couple I made!

snowflake 2 snowflake 1

4. Cats in sinks. Just what it says. (Thanks, mrk.)
Here's our Cooper in our sink, and another of his favorite places:

Cooper in sink Cooper on pot?


socks and more

Tuesday, 28 March 2006

sock cuff

I'm almost done with the cuff!

I'm really enjoying this Magic Loop (one long circular needle) method. Easier than two circs, even. Although I think it helps to have worked with two circulars to understand this method. The Trekking yarn is great to work with, it doesn't split at all. I did a K1P1 ribbing for a bit and now the main pattern is K3 P1.

cooper's new toyHere's Cooper with a new cat toy, the Feather Flutter Wand, I just bought today. It is: plastic stick + long fleece string + red feather. The fleece part is really long, so it's got a great reach for attracting lil' nervous kitty Jasmine. It's made by Posh Feline, makers of their other favorite toy, the Glitter Pom Wand.

Saturday I stopped by my friend Ruth's house and she wasn't there… But cutie kitty Ginger was! And they have a sweet flower-filled window box I just had to share.

Ginger Ruth's windowbox

maghrebin pastriesThe New York Times is reporting that the French are eating more maghrébin — north African — pastries. And they provide some yummy-sounding recipes including the classic baklava and cornes de gazelles.

a blustery tuesday

Tuesday, 7 March 2006

On this chilly, blustery evening, Jeff and I drove to the Hilltop Pub at the top of Queen Anne to grab a bite to eat — and I wore my new clapotis wrap. I know you still can't see it very well but there wasn't much room for Jeff to take a picture.
hilltop wine

I got my participant certificate from the Yarn Harlot. Remember, boys and girls, the words I CAN are in PARTICIPANT.

olympics certificate

Here is what Jeff worked on during the olympics: an M.C. Escher jigsaw puzzle. He deserves a medal for this!

Escher puzzle

And Cooper was working on… his tan! Lazy-bones kitty.
Cooper by the fire Cooper lazybones!

Last night I finished reading Fannie Flagg's Daisy Fay and the Miracle Man. A sometimes laugh-out-loud, sometimes tearful coming-of-age story, Daisy Fay is a quick read providing interesting commentary of 1950s US society.

voila, clapotis

Monday, 6 March 2006

It’s all finished up! With suggestions from folks up at the Fiber Gallery, I snipped the stitch I’d forgotten to drop; dropped it; and needle felted the snipped ends together.

Woah, was that a scary moment before cutting! But later when I was showing Jeff, it took me a couple minutes to figure out which one was needle felted. Pretty awesome to have learned this new “magic.”
Here are the photos (I’ll get Jeff to take one of me wearing it soon):

1. Surgery Arena The arena prepped for surgery.
2. clapotis done Close-up of the newly dropped area. See if you can see the stitch I cut! I can’t anymore! 🙂


  • Clapotis Pattern available on Knitty.com, by Kate Gilbert.
  • Knitted in Debbie Bliss Soho (100% wool), color 37508. Seven skeins I think…
  • On size 8 US (5mm) straight needles.

That random number 4 above was typed by Ms. Jasmine Catminski. I had to shift in my chair and she dashed off, typing that mysterious code as she fled. I guess Jasmine gets her photo here too. If she looks a little sad, I think she’s actually grumpy with me for moving when she was all comfy on a warm lap.