this one’s for Jeff

Tuesday, 9 May 2006

Have you seen this…?

knit tank

I just had to post this knitted tank (cover) because well… my hubby is a tank aficionado. Click the photo for more info.

Jeff says…

This [knitted one] isn't the first pink tank, the original is the Pink Panther. The French Army used German Panther tanks they commissioned to be built immediately after the war. There is no known photograph of the Pink Panther but it is said to have been a newly built Panther in red oxide primer that was sent to Indochina to be localized (painted, fitted for hot weather) and evaluated for use there by the French. It ended up not being used and sat in a plantation for years. In 1971, from the air, a crewman from an airborne gunship claims to have seen it and it was faded to pink color.

pink tank

Also, an artist used a Russian T-34 tank of WWII vintage as a canvas:

BTW, that one is based on an updated WWII American tank, the M24 Chaffee in case you want to impress any knitters.

Yes, I'm a tank nerd.

Didn't think you would learn all that on a knitting etc blog, did ya?


One Response to “this one’s for Jeff”

  1. jeffhx Says:

    My devious plan of getting a tank on this page has worked!

    The Pink Panther story is actually most likely an French (ex-American) M36 tank destroyer that was painted pink by the local Vietnamese. Not that anyone cares…. =)

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