Monday, 8 May 2006

Last Monday, I took my study, which looked like this:

before reorg
…and transformed it into this:

reorg 8 reorg 6

It's difficult to take pictures since the room is really narrow, but it looks and feels a lot bigger, and I have much more desk space for collaging now.

cat chair

I was inspired by a big cushy armchair which I got for FREE by the side of the road! We were driving around the north end of Lake Washington, in some richie neighborhoods, and what to my frugal zealot eyes should suddenly appear? A FREE sign on a big overstuffed armchair with little ottoman! With some maneuvering, the chair fit into the back of my Saab (thanks to the amazing 56+ cubic square feet of storage once you fold down the back seats!).

The original upholstery is in great shape except for a large tear on the seat. The cover washed up beautifully and now it looks like new. The cats love the chair and are fighting over who gets to sleep on it. Here, tiny Jasmine grabs the big chair and big Cooper, the small ottoman!

The chair reminded me that we can get what we need. I have a very difficult time believing this with my heart. But, I am not working so money is tight, and I have been really thinking about how a comfy chair would do wonders for my study. Et voilà!

We just heard our apartment building sold, so we don't know what will happen to us. We knew it was a possibility. We are just hoping they don't increase our rent substantially or ask us to leave. On the other hand, it might be time to move soon anyway because Jeff's work is moving to Kirkland, which will be a longer commute for him.

My ear has been acting funny for the last 24 hours, so please send me some good ear vibes. I've got a loud ringing in my right ear. It is very uncomfortable. 😦


One Response to “reorganization”

  1. Sara Says:

    That chair is awesome…and the price was right! Sometimes things just show up when we most need them…

    Your cats are beautiful. They look just like my Flood…must be related…:)

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