sock update

Thursday, 4 May 2006

Second sock started. Jeffhx's birthday is on Sunday…. Can I get this done in time?

2nd sock started

My guess is, no. Since it took me over a month to do the first sock. But now I don't have to make any decisions, so in theory I can just knit, knit, knit! Ok, so I have a few other things to do too, but…

In any case, I missed (by far) the deadline for the Cirque du Socks KAL. The pair of socks was supposed to be finished by the end of April. I did manage to finish a single sock in that time! Bravo to Cara, who knitted four pairs in one month. I am in awe.


One Response to “sock update”

  1. […] …and knitting. I’m almost done with these infernal socks. I’m going to get them done today. I almost got them done last night but then realized I’d made a mistake on the toes so I had to frog. […]

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