crafty days

Tuesday, 25 April 2006

ps april

Now that Sara has received it, I can post my April (orange & yellow) Project Spectrum postcard:

card small
I made it a greeting card instead of a basic postcard because I wanted to include the knitted thread heart, which wouldn't travel well sans enveloppe. It has been fun connecting with another knit blogger (and genuinely nice person), someone way across the country in New Hampshire even. Check out her blog and her beautiful quilted art, like her "postcards from the edge."


Today I practiced more craftiness in making Julie's birthday present:


On the right, you see the little plastic envelope with hand-punched confetti. The card, on the left, is the "key" to what each punch symbolizes.

Julie's birthday is tomorrow, but it's safe to post a picture here now because she is completely internet-free and even email-free. Can you believe that? Even though I am enjoying the blogging life and have been using email since 1991, I have to admire Julie for her low-tech lifestyle. She must have so much more time for knitting!


One Response to “crafty days”

  1. Sara Says:

    Thank you so much for the sweet comments about me and my art…You are truly a pleasure to know.

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