urban safari part 1 (ducklings)

Sunday, 23 April 2006

Lately I've seen many different kinds of wildlife here in our beloved Seattle! And some outside of Seattle. It seems as if, over the past six months, I've seen more animals in the so-called wild than I did the rest of my life (excluding zoos). Okay, I admit it, I grew up a city kid. So I'm excited to present my animal urban safari photos, in installments. Today's episdoe is the Ducklings at Greenlake, sighted this Saturday morning.  Awwww…

duckling 05

duckling 01

duckling 02

duckling 04

duckling 03

duckling 06


2 Responses to “urban safari part 1 (ducklings)”

  1. Sara Says:

    They are adorable! Sure sign of spring – Mommy ducks with ducklings…

  2. […] Yesterday’s urban safari part 1 (ducklings) was wildly popular (according to the stats of my lil’ newbie blog), so here’s part 2. […]

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