divertissements #2

Thursday, 20 April 2006

Definitely time for some divertissements… Fun stuff from the 'net.

Ron MueckArtist Ron Mueck makes really, really big sculptures of people. They look real too! As they call it in the art world, "Hyper-realist."

This guy, zeFrank, makes a daily videocast called Knowledge, "thinking so you don't have to." Lots of silliness, cynicism and sarcasm, interspersed with his opinions on news items. Now that's an alternative news source. Also, all you singles out there check out his pre-date confidence builder.

Can't believe how cool this Manmade Notebook is! I find some of their links simply hilarious… like Microsoft repackaging the iPod. Some links are educational, fascinating… like Gapminder's Human Development Trends. And then there's just cool stuff you didn't really need to know, but hey! Why not… like Aaron Koblin's visual of flight patterns across the U.S.

And last but not least, cat humor, check out these two cat videos. Ok, maybe cat humor is the least form of humor, especially when your're working on a couple hours sleep because your cat Jasmine's boyfriend-kitty was yeowling through the window all night. Come out and play!
Talking cats

Herding cats
Oh, zeFrank has cat humor too.


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