first KTC project done!

Wednesday, 19 April 2006

I finished my first Knit the Classics project for the Daniel Defoe book Moll Flanders: a shocking red coif. Red symbolizes Moll's many loves ("husbands" and lovers), which were indeed shocking for the times. The coif style seemed like something they might wear back them too.

moll coif done close up moll

Knit from the Knitty pattern Shocking Pink Coif. I knit it in Sensations Beautiful yarn (acrylic/nylon blend) on size 10 needles. It's super soft and warm!

I finished reading the book a few days ago too. It was interesting and sometimes humorous, but I found the second half a struggle to get through. Once Moll turned to thievery to survive, the stories were a bit repetitive. I guess her machinations and manipulations got to be a bit much for me when they weren't strictly necessary: she admitted to being well-off financially by then but could not stop the game of thievery.

There have been some great discussions about motherhood and feminism over at the KTC forum. Thanks to the KTC members for a great first experience!


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