knitting update

Tuesday, 11 April 2006

At last I was able to take photos today. One of our camera batteries is completely dead. The other works a bit, so I was able to take these. Now wordpress is being fritzy about uploading photos! Grrr…

sockheel photo
1. Jeff's sock. The heel turned out really cute! The colors changed right on cue, without my planning it! The gussets were troublesome but I'm happy with them now. Overall, it's coming along, but I'm getting a bit bored with this lil' bugger. Oh wait, and I have to knit the same thing over again? I'm going to look into that "two socks at once" method. My friend Cheryln has knitted two socks at once on two circular needles — and at the beginning it looked like a bikini top. 🙂 Too late for this pair though.

right sleeve
2. Top down sweater. Right arm progressing.

Moll coif
3. My new project, Moll Flanders coif. (Based on Knitty's Shocking Pink Coif, but done in Shocking Red!) Super fuzzy & soft! Very fast to work up, since I'm using size 10 for the main part. Ahhh, relief from those other two projects…


One Response to “knitting update”

  1. Sara Says:

    First off, the socks are really nice (I would say pretty – but Jeff might not appreciate that! 🙂 ) – I like the yarn..I can’t get the two socks at once thing going…I always do mine one at a time.

    The sweater is very pretty! What’s the pattern? and the yarn? I love raglan sleeves on sweaters so much more than set in sleeves…hmmm….it’s been a while since I knit a sweater … just might have to soon…

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