flash your stash

Sunday, 2 April 2006

flash your stash

Thanks to Zibibboisgood for promoting Flash your Stash 2006. Well, I am a day late and a dollar (or two) short, but I'll show you my yarn stash…. At least, a sampling. This was a great opportunity to organize — I've got most of it fitting into three bins plus one bag. Incredible! Mostly this made me realize I am certainly not allowed to purchase any more yarn (never mind that I was already trying not to because after all, I'm not working right now…). I've got a lot of yarn I've purchased for specific projects, but a lot of other yarn was purchased on impulse, no project in mind.

sock yarnsstash binsblanket yarn
silver'n'blackblueORANGE & YELLOW

While I was at it, I sorted out all the various Orange-Yellowy yarns I have in honor of Project Spectrum's April colors! Last month I didn't knit anything in Red/Pink, even though I have a number of yarns meeting those specifications. This month, I plan to at least start something in the Orange or Yellow colors of the month.

ORANGE & YELLOW project spectrum


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