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Friday, 31 March 2006

WIP marchThanks to Elspeth for suggesting we post our works in progress to keep us honest and for encouragement to get some stuff done!

WIPs (Works In Progress): There aren't as many as I'd thought… or I can't find them all… Thank goodness I got a couple things done in the UFOlympics.

Simply Cardigan (almost) top down sweatermagic loop sockribbon drop-stitch scarf

  1. Interweave’s Super-Simple Wrap Jacket (Spring 2002). Only one more sleeve to seam in, plus the other side seam… This was one of my Knitting Olympics UFOs, but I didn't manage to finish it. I hate seaming! I also have to knit a belt for it. I think I started this sweater two years ago. It is dragging on, partly because I hate seaming, but also because I don't think it will fit very well on me.
  2. That cardigan is getting overtaken now by my Neckdown Pullover for Women by Knitting Pure & Simple. I'm about done with the body of it, and then need to finish sleeves and neck. Yarn by Teseo.
  3. I love portable projects! I love Magic Loop socks! I love my husband! So here are socks I'm knitting for him! 🙂 Part of the Cirque du Socks knit-a-long. Yarn is Trekking. Size 1 needles.
  4. Drop-stitch scarf in colorful ribbon yarn. But the ribbon isn't quite as colorful as the photos make it seem. The colors are more autumnal than the photos show. I made an identical scarf for the Bicycle Alliance auction last year; it was a hit; and since I had more yarn left over, I thought I'd make another one. Turns out it's boring to knit… And boring to knit exactly the same thing again. Plus the yarn constantly twists itself as I'm knitting. In reality, every yarn twists somewhat since I learned continental (pick) knitting, but this ribbon stuff is the worst.



IKQ (In the Knitting Queue): Just a sampling… I realized I've got many more projects in the queue — I bought the yarn and have every intention of making the project but haven't started. And keep buying new yarn for yet other projects…

  1. Silkroad's DK Tweed to make a sweater for Jeff. He wants me to "recreate" a sweater which was his dad's and which is disintegrating now. This is obviously a challenge. I bought this yarn last year. But for Christmas, I found him a similar sweater at Eddie Bauer, so I bought that. We'll see what happens with this yarn…
  2. Pretty purple Sirdar Snuggly Bubbly yarn for making snuggly baby blankets. Two of my girlfriends are pregnant, both are due in July. I haven't determined what pattern to use yet. Any suggestions? I'd like to do something that brings out the bubbly texture of the yarn.
  3. Red sock yarn which I'd like to use to make these beautifully-patterned Eleanora Socks. The red is very different than the heathered brown Mim used (hers look antique like the socks they are patterned after), but I love the pattern and the yarn, so we'll see how well they match up.
  4. – 4,000 All the other projects I've bought yarn for and havdn't started yet.





2 Responses to “wip it out”

  1. Elspeth Says:

    Great projects! If only I could get that far on my sweaters!

  2. Melinda Says:

    You’re a brave woman for even listing some of the “on deck” projects. I have so many that I couldn’t even pick a top three…or five.

    The Knitting Pure and Simple pullover is lovely – great colors.

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