socks and more

Tuesday, 28 March 2006

sock cuff

I'm almost done with the cuff!

I'm really enjoying this Magic Loop (one long circular needle) method. Easier than two circs, even. Although I think it helps to have worked with two circulars to understand this method. The Trekking yarn is great to work with, it doesn't split at all. I did a K1P1 ribbing for a bit and now the main pattern is K3 P1.

cooper's new toyHere's Cooper with a new cat toy, the Feather Flutter Wand, I just bought today. It is: plastic stick + long fleece string + red feather. The fleece part is really long, so it's got a great reach for attracting lil' nervous kitty Jasmine. It's made by Posh Feline, makers of their other favorite toy, the Glitter Pom Wand.

Saturday I stopped by my friend Ruth's house and she wasn't there… But cutie kitty Ginger was! And they have a sweet flower-filled window box I just had to share.

Ginger Ruth's windowbox

maghrebin pastriesThe New York Times is reporting that the French are eating more maghrébin — north African — pastries. And they provide some yummy-sounding recipes including the classic baklava and cornes de gazelles.


3 Responses to “socks and more”

  1. Sara Says:

    I knit socks with the magic loop method too…I nearly had heart failure trying to deal with those crazy little double pointed needles – all four of them…finally, my teacher gave up and went to this method and I can knit socks really well.

  2. Elaine Says:

    Your socks are looking great. I like the K3 P1 rib, it looks (somehow) more sophisticated. Have you seen the Vintage Socks trunk show at Village Yarn and Tea? They have a similar sock that piqued my interest.

  3. jennhx Says:

    Sara, I tried double-poionted needles once too, and I think I would have given up knitting altogether if I hadn’t discovered circulars! My grandmother, who taught me to knit, “doesn’t understand” how I can use circulars…

    Elaine, I haven’t seen the trunk show yet… I’ll have to check it out soon. The K3 P1 ribbing is pretty nice. I think Jeff likes it too because it’s not too feminine looking…

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