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Sunday, 26 March 2006

I love books, too. But I'm not crazy! Most of the books I read these days are from the library, so I don't have the $5,000 per year book storage costs that this couple had before they built shelves on every wall of their condo.

lotsa books The Washington Post story about true bibliophiles. (Thanks for the link, Mom.)

I am on a book-buying moratorium (which I mostly adhere to), since we ran out of additional shelf space years ago. I even donate books occasionally! Jeff sold an entire bookcase of military history books on Ebay over the last six months. But I guess that just seems to have made room for more of my books. I have to admit that all my Russian textbooks are still in boxes somewhere. But that's because… what if I want to start studying Russian again? And all the French language books my grandmother sent me on birthdays and Christmases… I can't get rid of those because, well, it would just feel wrong to get rid of them. And so on…

Speaking of books, I just finished reading the Autograph Man by Zadie Smith (a library copy). It's the story of a 30-something (alcoholic) man searching for the autograph of his career. On the way he (drinks a lot,) discusses Zen and Judaism with his childhood friends, (drinks some more,) travels to New York for an autograph conference, (gets completely drunk there,) hurts everyone he loves, and searches for the meaning of life (while completely plastered). Just like real life, huh?The writing is beautiful — both colloquial and lyrical.

For a better review check out


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