lighten up

Friday, 17 March 2006

It’s been a tough week, after a difficult counseling session Wednesday morning. I feel confused, frustrated, furious, terrified, vulnerable. Last night reading Sark’s A Creative Companion I came across the page called Welcoming a New Baby. It includes these words: “You are deeply wanted. We’re so glad you’re here… How do you like earth?” I cried. How long has it been since I’ve felt welcomed like that? Ever?

I wrote that paragraph this morning feeling so sorry for myself…

Then, I just listened to a Weekday interview with Eman Ahmad Khammas, an Iraqi journalist and human rights activitst. She said that under Saddam, “It was bad, but it’s worse now.” A beautiful, impassioned woman, Eman is now visiting the U.S. as a member of the Iraqi Women’s Delegation. Code Pink organized the delegation as part of the Women Say No to War campaign and International Women’s Day recognition.

Eman Ahmad Khammas

Here is Eman’s profile from Global Exchange:

“Journalist, translator and activist. Married with 2 daughters, she lives in Baghdad. Eman is a member of the Women’s Will organization which focuses on defining and defending women’s rights outside political party interests and opposing incarceration of women as hostages. Eman regularly publishes articles on women’s conditions in Iraq under the occupation in a monthly newspaper called Oqol (Minds). For the past three years she has been documenting crimes committed by US and Iraqi forces. She will be bringing video documentation of these crimes. Eman is also involved in mobilizing emergency relief (medicines, food and clothing) for victims living under the occupation, especially women and children living in refugee camps.”

She will be speaking tomorrow night (March 18 at 7:30pm) here in Seattle, at Trinity United Methodist Church. More info here>>.


The world feels way too big and scary sometimes, but listening to strong women, mentors, helps me feel and act stronger. This Iraqi journalist was discussing horrible conditions, including the mental trauma many Iraqi citizens are now living through, and yet she remains hopeful and active. She sees that she must act, or die. She must act, and might die trying, but otherwise there is nothing but the dark deep hole.

Lighten Up

Lighten Up collage is about trying to climb up and out of that dark hole, where I try to protect myself with a plastic coating because I can’t deal with the world. Even knitting can help, I can surround myself with cloud-soft knitted protection, and still go out there. I can seek out powerful women, strong positive statements, and feel glad to be here on Mother Earth. And with that as a foundation, I can act.

Lighten Up collage (click image for larger view).


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